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Experience the captivating essence of the Pacific Northwest with our Firewood Collection. Close your eyes and let the intense, woodsy aroma transport you to a foggy, rocky coastline where the towering Sequoias and redwoods leave you breathless. We've captured the essence of this natural wonderland and placed it in this exquisite candle.

Indulge in the rich fragrance of eastern red cedar, fragrant redwood, and fog-soaked Sequoia, which combine to create a harmonious blend of earthy, woodsy notes. Whether it's the middle of winter or the height of summer, this captivating scent is a perfect year-round choice that will bring the serenity of the campground or your favorite National Park straight to your living room.

Each candle in our Firewood Collection is made with premium quality ingredients, ensuring a clean burn with a long-lasting fragrance. With a burn time of up to 120 hours, you can enjoy the comforting and cozy aroma of the Pacific Northwest for many memorable moments to come.

Embrace the natural beauty and adventure of the Pacific Northwest with our Firewood Collection. Let the captivating aroma of this exquisite candle fill your home and ignite your passion for exploration and outdoor adventure.

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