Collection: Spicy & Zesty

Embrace a tantalizing fusion of spice and zest with our Spicy & Zesty Curated Collection. Bold and vivacious, each candle captures the spirited essence of aromatic spices and lively zest. Experience the exhilarating warmth of cinnamon, the fiery kick of ginger, and the invigorating burst of peppercorn. This collection offers a dynamic blend of fragrances that awaken the senses, transporting you from bustling spice markets to sun-soaked citrus groves. Dive into this world of zestful energy and spicy allure.

Our Promise


All of the candle products made by MatchBox Candle Co. are made with clean, simple, and honest ingredients. We use only the following 3 ingredients in all of our candle products:

  1. 100% American grown soy wax.
  2. Clean-burning cotton wicks.
  3. Essential Oils

Clean & Even Burn

Do you loathe when a candle refuses to play fair and burns unevenly? Well, we're in the same boat! At MatchBox Candle Co., we've made a solemn vow to banish those pesky uneven burns. Our candles are the VIPs of even burning—that's why we promise a clean, consistent glow from start to finish. No more waxy meltdowns or awkward tunneling here! Just pure, uninterrupted ambiance in every flicker. Get ready for an even-burning bonanza that keeps the mood lit and the vibes steady throughout your candle's life. Say hello to a world where 'wax worries' are a thing of the past!

Just follow our simple Candle Care instructions and rest assured, you'll have the most pleasant candle experience you've ever dreamed of.