Candle Care

MatchBox Candle Co. is here to help you burn your best candle! Sounds crazy, but yes, there is a certain way to care for and burn candles. Follow the easy instructions below to be pro candle burner!

Before Burning:

  • Don’t forget to trim that wick! (About 1/4") Untrimmed wicks lead to popping, smoking, and soot. This is how candles end up looking dirty and full of debris. Trim with a wick trimmer or a scissors.
  • Place the candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface and avoid drafts, vents or air currents.
  • Keep out of reach to children and pets (tails included)

While Burning:

  • Burn your candle long enough to let the wax melt pool reach the edge of the container to promote an even burn (about 2-4 hours)
  • Always burn candle within sight
  • Don’t burn for more than 5 hours. Your wick can “mushroom” and create a large and unstable flame
  • Don’t fall asleep with your candle burning or leave unattended
  • Never touch or move a burning candle. Never move a candle container when the wax is liquified
  • Don’t burn a candle all the way down. For safety measures, stop burning a candle when there is ¼ inch of wax left in the vessel
  • Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep burning candles away from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpets, books, paper, flammable decorations, etc.

To Extinguish:

  • Use a candle snuffer to extinguish a candle, if available, as it’s the safest way to prevent hot wax from splattering. If you are blowing your candle out, use caution to extinguish, gently blow from a safe distance.
  • Do not touch or move the candle until it has completely cooled