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Oaked Coffee Co

Oaked Coffee Co

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Oaked Coffee Co.


Twelve days of aging with Bourbon-Infused oak staves give this blend of Nicaragua, Mexican, and Ethiopian beans a robust flavor with a touch of vanilla and oak to add a smooth finish. Expect aromas of vanilla and caramel, with subtle hints of sweetness and caramelized sugar, delightful for kickstarting your morning.



A blending of Nicaragua and Mexican high-grown coffee aged with Rum-Infused oak staves enhances oaky notes with just a hint of caramel sweetness in our Red blend. Savor a subtle, sweet oakiness; perfect for lattes, cold brew, and bringing joy to your third all-hands Zoom meeting of the day.



A blend of robusta and arabica provides a delightfully full body to brew with a creamy, smooth finish. Whiskey-Infused oak staves add hints of smoke and oak, enhancing the complexity of the floral notes and spiciness. The result? A forward, strong, flavorful blend with oak and whiskey notes, an afternoon brew perfect for finishing your to-do list on a high note.

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